White Beach Glass and Dolphin Pendant

You can't fake this kind of glass- the edges are well rounded and the surface is pitted. This glass got its look from the Pacific Ocean, and was found by my mom and grandma on Kauai. It is quite common for people to "make" beach glass by breaking a bottle, then acid etching or tumbling with grit. Some craft supply websites also sell "cultured" or "created" beach glass and try to pass it off as the "real" deal. Don't be fooled. Look for rounded edges, pitting, areas of uneven wear, and circular marks.

Genuine beach glass is much harder to come by than frosted glass, and the price will reflect that. I believe in "truth in advertising," and will always tell you as much as I know about the origins of the materials used in my artwork.

Type: Necklace

Vendor: Simply Leilani

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