Born Women Coffee Mug

Geraldine Ferraro was a former school teacher and stay at home mom who became the first female Vice Presidential candidate for a major political party. While teaching, Ferraro earned a law degree from Fordham Law School. One of three women in her class, she recounted that an admissions officer said to her, "I hope you're serious, Gerry. You're taking a man's place, you know."

In the years after the race, Ferraro told interviewers that she would have not have accepted the nomination had she known how it would focus criticism on her family.

"You don't deliberately submit people you love to something like that,'' she told presidential historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. in an interview in Ladies Home Journal. "I don't think I'd run again for vice-president,'' she said, then paused, laughed and said, "Next time I'd run for president.''


This premium mug is made of a durable white ceramic. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in USA.

Type: Mug

Vendor: Simply Leilani

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