Bespoke (Custom) Orders

Bespoke (bəˈspōk/) is a fancy word used to describe anything made to particular specifications, but usually used in reference to things that you wear.  The process can range from simple (replicating an existing design concept) to complex (designing from scratch).  

Yes, you CAN afford to have something made just for you (or that special someone)!  No, you don't have to know exactly what you're looking for, however, you DEFINITELY need to know the following things before we can get started:

  • Date the finished piece is needed
  • Desired color family and materials (silver, gold, etc.), as applicable
  • Any "Must haves" or "Must not haves" in your design concept
  • If you want a ring, bracelet, or anklet, you MUST know what size you need before I can start making it.  (I can help with this!)

Custom design work is fun and more enjoyable than most people realize.  You don't need to be creative or artsy to have something beautiful!   When you've got your basic information together, please fill out the Bespoke Custom Design Inquiry form.  There is no cost or obligation incurred at this stage- we are just looking to see whether or not I can meet your timeline.  I may email with some additional questions to be sure I can meet or exceed your expectations!  If you are interested in using sea glass out of my stash for a semi-custom or bespoke piece, I will handpick some options and send you a picture during this initial phase of the process.  

Once we've determined that I can meet your desired timeline, the process goes one of two ways:

  1. Semi-custom: If you desire something that replicates an existing design- for example, a ring or bangle in the same design as something listed for sale (or sold) but in a different size; then work will commence upon receipt of a 50% deposit.  When the piece is complete, I'll send you some photos, and I'll ship the piece once the balance is paid in full.  (Balance must be paid within 10 calendar days of receipt of invoice!  If it not paid, your deposit will be forfeited and the piece will be listed for sale to the general public!)

  2. Bespoke: If you desire something that uses your own sea glass/shell/stone, incorporates design concepts from more than once piece, changes a stone, OR is a "design from scratch" project, then a non-refundable $75 design fee must be paid in order to proceed.  This fee covers sketches and/or photos of 2-3 different design concepts, along with ballpark estimates for each option, and will be credited toward your final purchase.  As a courtesy, I will revise one of these concepts once for free.  Additional revisions will incur a non-refundable $25 fee.  (Unlike the design fee, revision fees are not creditable toward your final purchase.)  When the design is approved by you, then I will provide a firm estimate.  Work will commence when the balance is paid 100%, in full.  (Balance must be paid within 10 calendar days of receipt of invoice, or all fees will be forfeited.)

Please note that for sea glass jewelry, it is frequently best to design the piece from scratch.  (This is because every piece of sea glass has been through its own journey, and is therefore distinct and beautiful in its own way!)  When designing from scratch, the better I get to know you, the easier it will be to create something you'll love.  If it's a gift, tell me what makes the recipient special to you.  How did you meet?  What do you like to do together?  What's the occasion?  If it's for you, then it's very helpful to find photos or sketches to give me a better feel for your taste (I like this feature, I don't like that detail, I think this color is pretty, I'm a mermaid, I'm a pirate, I love to surf, I feel connected to turtles, etc.).  I love to incorporate hidden details to make things meaningful and memorable.

Also, please keep in mind that not all sea glass is suitable for making jewelry.  While it's true that sea glass gets its frosted appearance by taking a beating in the surf, a piece that is too thin may crack or chip.  If you are interested in using your own sea glass, I will need to either see the piece in person or see crisp video or pictures from different angles.  

Again, if you'd like more information, or if you're ready to start the process, please fill out the Bespoke Custom Design Inquiry form.  

If you aren't quite ready to proceed with a custom order, but would like to keep in touch periodically, please subscribe to my newsletter.  (I only send these a few times a year.)