The Story

The Simply Leilani philosophy is simple:  One size does not fit all (and that's ok).

Simply Leilani sea glass jewelryWe all have days when we feel tired, anxious, doubtful... like we don't fit in.  

Then there are the days when we are sure of our true purpose- when we radiate confidence and energy.  

These highs and lows happen to everyone, but did you ever wonder why some people go through life with more days of radiance, happiness, and abundance?

It really is this simple: truth and positivity attract good things.  (My yoga mentor describes this like being a tree... the tree is rooted in place, but it gets the nutrients it needs through those roots.)  We can't control the universe directly... but we can decide what truth and success and happiness mean to us.  For me, that means putting a little bit of heart and soul into each piece of jewelry that leaves the studio.

Whether you're celebrating an accomplishment, honoring a treasured friendship, or reminding yourself of a goal or new habit, jewelry can be a powerful expression of who we are as well as who we want to be.  You weren't mass produced by a machine.  Why should your jewelry be?  Every piece of Simply Leilani jewelry is made with hope that it will inspire women to be brave, dream big, and to share their light with others!  

Why sea glass?

Although I've been beach combing since I could walk, my sea glass collection is a relatively recent development.  It started out when my mom and grandma started taking walks along the Kauai coastline near the sugar cane plantation where my mom was raised.  Sitting around the table, picking through the glass and pottery, family members started telling stories about what the glass reminded them of... rice bowls at their great aunt's house, shoyu (soy sauce) bottles being recycled like milk bottles, Japanese fishing floats, beach bonfires...

The story of sea glass resonates with me because it's a story of metamorphosis.  I have always been an out of the box thinker and a bit of a fireball- not really popular kid material.  Along the way, I encountered people who felt it was their right to try and crush my spirit because I don't fit their expectations.  

Sea glass is a reminder that broken things can be beautiful.  Even if someone else treated you like trash, even if you believe that about yourself.  You can choose to see yourself in a different light- an imperfect, one of a kind, beautiful little treasure laying on the beach, sparkling in the sun.


About Mandy:

Simply Leilani Jewelry DesignerMy sleepy little hometown of Hilo, Hawaii is famous for torrential downpours and its proximity to Volcanoes National Park- not the sunny, white sand beach resorts most people think of when they hear "Hawaii."  It might not be exactly what you were expecting of a tropical island vacation, but if you're patient, the sun eventually does come out...  and if you're ready to pounce on the opportunity, you could wade in tide pools with sea turtles, hike in a rain forest, or see an active lava flow- and all of those are SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than laying on a beach with 10,000 random strangers, sipping an overpriced drink!  (By the way, I am always happy to talk about off the beaten path trip ideas.)

Simply Leilani Navy SWOAs a young adult, I joined the Navy to see the world.  The Navy is how Virginia Beach became my home away from home... three times.  :)  The most recent move was made as a Navy wife.  My husband recently retired from the Navy after 20 years of service and I couldn't be more proud!  We also have two children and two German Shepherds, and they all support me while I continue my career as a Navy Reservist. 

That's me- all the way to the left with the maile lei; getting the USS Fletcher (DD-992) underway from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for our deployment to the Arabian Gulf in 2002.  For those of you who "speak Navy," here are some fun facts: I am a trusty Shellback, Golden Dragon, and belong to the Order of the Ditch.  (The rest of you can click here for some definitions.) I promise not to tell too many sea stories if you sign up for my newsletter!