Broken Beauties

Sea glass gets its start as something discarded, washed away, pounded by surf, and pummeled by a rocky shore...  Until the sharp edges are soft and smooth; and eventually, it washes ashore. Has your spirit ever felt small?  Overlooked?  Unappreciated?  Adrift?  Many things need to be broken before they reach their full potential.  Our imperfections and mistakes are important, too.  I love sea glass because it reminds me that everyone has to walk their own path, and while we sometimes feel beat down, we are still beautiful.

All of the sea glass in these designs are beach combed- no tumbling, no acid, no "fake" stuff.  Most are picked up by my mom and grandma on the beaches of Kauai... so many of these pieces pass through the hands of three generations of women in my family, which makes these pieces very popular gifts for moms, sisters, daughters, and dear friends.