"Think Small"

The Etsy Homefront Team is doing a blog hop about everyone's favorite fall activities.

Let's be honest.  Summer is clearly the best season of the year for those of us who love the beach but live in places with four actual seasons.  With the forecast calling for an unusually cold winter (WTH was LAST winter, then?!?), I am not really all that thrilled that summer is slipping away.

Did you know, most product based businesses bring in the bulk of their income during the months leading up to the holiday season?  In fact, almost all the handmade businesses I know bring in over 50% of their revenue for the year during the fall.  Back to school, holidays, activities, sports, you name it.  Fall is when we're all super busy trying to squeeze it all in!  While shopping at the big box stores may be convenient, there are well-documented reasons to "think small" and support small businesses whenever feasible.  

But most importantly, small business owners are willing to develop a relationship with YOU.  You are not just a faceless number!  

So,THIS FALL, THINK SMALL, and encourage your friends to do the same!!!