Three Firsts and a Contest!

First ever trunk show, May 10th!

Simply Leilani is excited to announce our first ever trunk show at The Creative Wedge: An Artisan Market in Hilltop!  I'll be there, along with Garden of Our Dreams in Miniature.  (You have to see her adorable miniature gardens, they are incredible!)  Yes, this is the day before Mothers' Day, and perfect for PROCRASTINATORS.  *Ahem*

The Creative Wedge just celebrated its first birthday last week, and is stocked with all sorts of BEAUTIFUL items made in the United States.  Stop by and be sure to take home some of the handmade cheese dip.  Trust me- totally worth the calories.

First ever open house, May 13th!

Part of the fun of being an artist is making friends with other artists!  So, I've been invited to participate in an open house at a private residence in Chesapeake, VA.  (Please contact me if you'd like the address- wine and chocolate will be involved!)  It's being hosted by Christy Phelps of Christy Phelps Glass, and sure to be a great time.  Other artists are Nancy Vantassell of Draped In Jewelry, Linda Searcy of Linda Searcy Jewelry Designs, Debora Mauser of Debora Mauser Designs, Lisa Rabinow Weber of Silverine, Eva Sherman of Eva Sherman Designs and Grand River Bead Studio, Danielle Lewandowski of Bent N Twisted Creations, Danielle Beaty of Turtle Bay Jewelry, and Susan Lipp of Wrap Jewelry.

Trust me, these ladies have some incredible talent and experience.  This is not your "craft fair" variety jewelry, made by simply assembling pre-fabricated parts you buy at the bead store.  If you are looking for some really unique jewelry, this will be a gold mine!  (Ok, a silver mine.)

First ever newsletter, sometime in May!  :)  And a contest!

And finally, I'm sure you've seen them... the posts on Facebook begging for interaction so business pages don't get buried in Facebook's new algorhythm?   If you know me, you'll know that I am not really into pandering.  Not everyone likes you and not everyone who likes you will like your art.  That's ok.  But that being said, I am pretty much over Facebook for most things business.  And I am also kind of over blogging.  (Those of you who've known me a long time know I've been blogging since the days of stone tablets, and yes the irony of this statement in this platform does not escape me.)  So, I'm combining those activities and starting a newsletter.  But not a "buy this" newsletter.  A fun newsletter with useful tips and lifestyle hacks... at least, I hope it's fun to read...

So CLICK HERE to sign up for the newsletter!

Anyway, you'll notice I've sort of got crafter's ADD.  I need people to test out my designs and see if they pass the "everyday life" test.  As in, can they be worn by real people doing normal things?  (We all know jewelry is delicate and requires care, but pride in craftsmanship is also part of the equation.)  What does this have to do with the newsletter?  Well, at random intervals, I'll select someone to be my "jewelry beta tester."  How do I know where to send it if I don't know how to get in touch with you?  (Hint: sign up for the newsletter!)  Your chances of "winning" are better now since my list of subscribers is small!  

But that's not even the entire contest!  Once the new item is on its way to its secret destination, we'll give everyone a chance to receive the same or similar item.  The only thing I ask in return is that the recipients post a picture on social media and lets me know how the new design fits or holds up.  Easy, right?  If you have any questions, leave a comment!

And, as always, upcoming events:

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